About Us

Welcome to Salty’s, home of the Lake Country lifestyle.

What’s the Lake Country lifestyle you ask? With Wisconsin's infamous seasonal weather and abundance of natural resources, the Salty's family is fortunate enough to enjoy seasonal paradise no matter the time of year. Our lifestyle blends passions, past times, and styles. The Salty’s family is full of avid fisherman, veteran skiers,  seasoned sailors, backyard chefs, beer drinkers, tequila connoisseurs, rum bums, and lifelong friends all focused on living life outside. If you’re tired of bland companies, its time to add a pinch of Salty’s.

Why the name Salty's? Our company honors a legendary Pewaukee Lake sailor who ruled the waters and the shores well into his mid 90's. On the water, Salty was a dominant sailor, and won more races than many have ever sailed. Off the water, Salty continued to promote the sport of sailing, and openly shared his decades of earned knowledge. Every sailor, young and old, who chatted with Salty was treated as family. That’s a quality we strive to extend to our customers. We are honored to have his blessing to use this sacred nickname. Thanks for everything, Salty!

With that, welcome to Salty’s. Have a look around and we hope to see you out there! 

P.S. If you’ve ever seen a “Salty’s Fan Club” sticker at a bar in the islands or at the top of a chair lift in the mountains, it came from Pewaukee Lake, WI with pride. Good luck figuring out how some of them were placed.